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Flow Disruption said...

This is so awesome! I love how you mixed a wide variety of ideas and textures. The colours in the first close up are gorgeous. :)

Carissa Clark said...

Super creative, I love it!!

Sara said...

Lovely!! I have an inspiration wall as well. <3

Michaela Scalisi said...

so cool :)

indie by heart said...

Oh it looks really great ! ^^ Nice collage on the whole door ^^

Thanks for your comment!:> Those were really delicious images indeed, I'd love to try out a cake like that :D

We just bought a new addition to anime-collection, The Earthsea Cycle by Goro Miyasaki. Loved it ! :) So nice that my boyfriend likes to watch them,too.

Happy new year to you dear,

xx Satu
Indie by Heart

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

So cool :D decorating doors/walls is so much fun!

Hanna said...

Thank you guys, It's inspiration

Shiori said...

Cool! I like your door:)