This movie is best watched in the summer while drinking tea and wearing floral---just a tip. It stars a girl named lucy played by extra young Helen Bonham Carter. Helen's face looks like a pale dear or something. I can't place it. Are you completely won over yet?
      I secretly wish the movie was about this girl and her hair and the pasta she'll have at dinner whilst thinking of love.
                 At some point in the movie monocule man has a really awkward kiss with lucy. Must see!!!
                                                Another awkward but hilarious moment
I love how the main colors in the movie are greens and browns.


These days

mini grill!
Finished my table!
Made a crazy chunky necklace..



I saw the above version of carmen and I'm still not sure that I loved it. It has a bit that opera feel of extreme characters. Which is to be expected. I do like how it's a different kind story. It has kept me mesmerized for the past couple of days. Carmen is a crazysexyspanishrose-and some what lovable character that seduces and has lots of different loves or has possibly never loved. Most of the stories greatness relies on the interesting characters in it. There is just so many ways to speculate on who actual loved who at what point in time, who is right, what love is and what sex really means. Also, when they are wearing clothes I like them. We need more spanish inspired clothes in the world! Not really a kids movie....