doll houses~plus~novelty erasers

The title says the basic idea. It's my new dream to eventually have a doll house that's decorated with those crazy awesome erasers. I know, crazy and a waste of time and completely pointless. I think that's why I like it so much.....

What is this one supposed to be? It was in a dessert set. Hrgrhmff...So puzzling!!



 Well, the beginning of the beginnings has passed. The beginnings included Monroe Community "College"(part of my senior year of high school), ROOKIE, rose spotting, house sitting, more cafe/music theory days, late nights, hot nights, cloud spotting days, 18th birthday, and afternoons on the green where a fight broke out and by the time the police had shown up a group of people walked past me singing with an instrument a guy was playing that looked like a homemade bow-and-arrow with a pencils to tap sounds out of the thing.....wish I had a picture of it.
                                          My new best friend, we clown around. (that's right ceramic troll!) ahhhhh awful jokes are the best.


Monte Carlo

Heres to traveling around the world, peering around rose bushes, and drinking orange colored things. Even though roses are out of season.........at least here  

:)) There's some fall.
This picture is ridiculous...I still like it though.
Also, Monte Carlo is a great movie! I swear!