DIY: Part 4 Flower Crowns

I know, Rookie hit up this DIY like nobody else ever. However, this is done with a different technique to attach the flowers. OoOOo aren't you excited now?

What you need:
Head bands (ones with holes in them work best)
Fake flowers that are detachable from "stem"
Good scissors or pliers

Once again, the Dollar Tree is a great place to get the flowers and headbands.   

As you can kind of see from these pictures, I wrapped wire (the stems) around the head bands and attached a flower to either side of it to keep the stem in place. I started from the two points farthest from each other and worked in so that the last two flowers attached were right next to each other. Then I glued the flowers onto the old stems.

Voila! Flower flower crown!

I was thinking about spray painting the leftover leaves gold and using them to make a sort of greek god crown ~sometime in the distant future