DIY: Part 4 Flower Crowns

I know, Rookie hit up this DIY like nobody else ever. However, this is done with a different technique to attach the flowers. OoOOo aren't you excited now?

What you need:
Head bands (ones with holes in them work best)
Fake flowers that are detachable from "stem"
Good scissors or pliers

Once again, the Dollar Tree is a great place to get the flowers and headbands.   

As you can kind of see from these pictures, I wrapped wire (the stems) around the head bands and attached a flower to either side of it to keep the stem in place. I started from the two points farthest from each other and worked in so that the last two flowers attached were right next to each other. Then I glued the flowers onto the old stems.

Voila! Flower flower crown!

I was thinking about spray painting the leftover leaves gold and using them to make a sort of greek god crown ~sometime in the distant future



Middle                              Before



Ghibli-Ghibliblbibli is something I love with all my heart. One of the greatest things about them is that they are continuing to make beautiful movies and work really hard at it. Their latest production is called Arrietty and is based on Mary Norton's book "The Borrowers". Ya know? With the little people who live in your house and take your stuff on the premise that they are "Borrowing" the items. But then you're like, "Nooo my hair pin has disappeared into a black hole! Ggrrgr." Also, don't watch the American trailer of Arrietty!! It gives away the whole plot.
I saw the poster in a real theater! Wooo!!!!
Notice the lemon lamp, Arrietty's shoes, mini books and general awesomeness.


DYI: Part 3 painted bracelets

Well the title is basically the whole DYI part. 
What ya need: Dollar tree bangles and paint
Instructions: I suggest painting it with the colors that you want and then mixing in white paint (helps make the colors not mix as much as you are moving them around with the brush) to make it look like mine.