Coolest looking things evver!
Trying to get myself to study...........
Florence on the cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3!!!!


According to my mom I hated sevi stuff when I was little. Ah well, I'm in <3 now and I just got a couple new ones. These photos are a mix of old and new sevi. A good place to get them is rasberrykids.com
They look SO GOOD with flowers...
Scrapbooking for the first time in a long while....
:)God, I love things way tooo much


Ghibli Super Post with crafts and candy and rAntRanTraNt

I reference Ghibli all the time cause I love it and I love it. Soo here is a post dedicated to it!!
These don't taste the best. They're basically not quite as great rock candy.
I ate these while watching spirited away!
If it's not totally obvious how I made them, take a black fuzz ball and attach googly eyes with glue. 
P.s. Mini heaven
A pathetic Calcifer :)
Like the other candy, I ate these while watching grave of the fireflies.
These next four photos aren't by me.
I wish I'll be as badass as she is some day...
so cool!
One of the many random corners of my room with random stuff in it. I'm not a pack rat...
 Back row: Fuzz/dust balls, Chu Totoro, Totoro, and duck spirit.
Front row: Black worm thing from Howl's moving castle and Spirited Away, Calcifer, Kodama, and Chibi Totoro.
(Left to Right)
Got to love sculpey clay when ghibli key chains are like $30 for 6 of them. Aha I'm so cheap..
Candy from J-box and plushes from ebay.

             Ghibli movies captivate my imagination like no other. Not only because they use their format to push creation but also for the story and philosophy behind them. It's probably safe to say that most of my outlook on life and inspiration comes from them. When I think about which I like the best it's like choosing between my theoretical children. All of them have this unique love put into them. I'm planning on doing animation as one of my hobbies when I'm out of college/take a couple of courses in college if they offer it. I think I'm going to try to make an animation of feature-ish length someday. Even though I'll probably finish around the time I die. :)