It feels like it should be summer...oh well, at least i have the feeling

Diddl, Ponyo, ice cream, classy eclipse, diddl again, some celeb-maybe that girl from Amelie?, my favorite pair of shoes ever-now if only i had them...., wonderful people sending out jellyfish like lanterns, florence and the machine, a painting and Raquette lake.


3:36 of psychedelic

Featured podcast!

  The Moth is an amazing podcast. They feature people that went to one of their open mic nights and told a story about themselves. It feels a lot like you are listening to a crazy relative telling a life changing story of theirs. But it is actually very entertaining!
Light bulb vase craft:

          Take a Knife under the contact from the Bulb and take it off. Then destroy carefully the black glass under the Lightbulb with a hammer! Then take a coat hanger and make something similar to the figure above ( a nearly impossible task ) or take a bagel and place the light bulb on top. Next put a small pretty plant inside and some water and stare at it.

Some things I love....

Pointless crafts

Evanna Lynch

That's right, Once upon a Sunday this was my breakfast.

Possibly the best ship ever to drift!!!!

Dr. Who and sunflowers!


My eyes and mouth start to water when looking at this.


My treehouse! Someday I'll move out of my parents house....


Florence and the machine!!

Random crap

Ghibli Museum stalker view!

Screech owl bird house. One of my finest works.

Yeah.........I find this very funny

That was longer than expected!