DIY Part: 2 Ballet Shoes + Ribbon

Sorry, this post has a lot of photos of close to the same thing.
To Have: ballet shoes with removeable sole, about 6 yards of ribbon, and glue.
Cut the 6 yd of ribbon so you have two 3 yd pieces. Lift up sole and place the middle of the ribbon in the middle of the shoe. Make sure it's middle lower part of the shoe. Make sense?  
You are now the coolest person alive! Congrats!!!
In my dreams the ribbon would have gone a lot higher up my legs. But it's ribbon and not the best at that stuff. If you're ambitious you could try to make the ribbon more stiff by glueing paper on the back of the ribbon and forming it to your leg. Realllly ambitious.


Odyssey said...

they are so cute!! you could saw on the inside of the ribbon pieces of velvet ribbon. Velvet's texture increases the friction and the ribbons would stay in place a bit better if you wanted them to be longer .

Flow Disruption said...

I love your DIY projects! They're so unique. :)

Hanna said...

Thank you guys:)

Emma said...

Wow! They look awesome!