DIY Part 1 of 4: Tardis Hãlloween Costume/Kickass Dress

First step (to any/every project): Put on Flo&themachine. She came out with a new album on Halloween!!!!!!!!!! Machine-halloween:)
Step 2: Get a cheap dress from the salvation army and then go crazy-tardis on it. Good luck.
Sorry for the sloppy painting I was in a hurry. It kind of adds some character to it though..Also, this isn't the full costume. I painted a roll toilet paper yellow and used it as the Tardis's top light and I spray painted my hair blue for extra blueness. I go to a community college part time for high school and they had costume competition. OMG there was a doctor there. So, we decided to enter the contest. When we went up to be judged, half the crowd went insane and the other half didn't get it at all (including the announcer.) Good times:)))

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Sara said...

Love that dress!!