DYI: Part 3 painted bracelets

Well the title is basically the whole DYI part. 
What ya need: Dollar tree bangles and paint
Instructions: I suggest painting it with the colors that you want and then mixing in white paint (helps make the colors not mix as much as you are moving them around with the brush) to make it look like mine.


indie by heart said...

Wow, nice job! They look more unique now, pretty.

Thank you so much for stopping by at my blog. So cool to hear your friend is spending this year in Finland. In what city, do you know?
Well I don't know about survival skills, this is pretty much like any European country. NO polar bears or things like that walking around, and there's no snow yet where I live (eastern part of the country) I do hope we get a white Christmas, it's nicer that black city streets :) I'm happy to answer to any questions about Finland, if I know any answers. :)

Feel free to join me anytime again / maybe follow each other. I use bloglovin'

xx indie by heart

Fashionthroughtravel said...

Such a great idea for a DIY! Love the colors, especially the turquoise ones :)

Michaela Scalisi said...

great jewelry!!

My blog
xx Michaela

Stefania Rose said...

What a cute idea! Thank you for checking out my blog, I'm glad you got a kick out my lookalike photos.

Flow Disruption said...

These are gorgeous! Awesome job. :)

Hanna said...

you guysyssysss

Sarah said...

wow! I love your wall! I'm an avid reader of Rookie and I love that kind of style. I saw their DIY floral crowns and I've been thinking of making them for a while. Yours are fantastic! xxx

Merlina Frandez said...

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