Music at Port Milford

Mpm is a string quartet camp in prince edward county. It has less rules than most camps. The place has a real sense of community that's created by everyone there and is therefor a little different each year. As tacky as it sounds, whenever I'm there I feel like I'm doing everything out of the love. Wether that's falling asleep in the sun, perfecting a piece, laughing, or being a sketch bucket. I wish I could function like that all the time. Anyways, it's their 25th anniversary and here are 25 photos to celebrate. :)  
Prank at like 4 in the morning. We put these shoes out on the floating dock.
Planets on the ceiling:)
Smarties rightful place in the world is on top of a Schumann score.
The first and last bathtub meeting.
That was a really good day :))))
This girl:). Nuff said.

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