self indulgence

Oh my, what a weird and dangerous concept. But here I am anyways.

Everything is from the organic/makeup section in Wegmans!
Almond smelling soap :)))
I have yet to try this. It scares me a bit.
Undecided about these things.
                               I don't know about you. But lipstick and bread look cool together. Also, the first lipstick tube I've ever bought.
                                 If you've seen it Ponyo, making this is just like it's in da movie.  
                                                            Chia tea chocolate is super good!
This is another first time item. It kind of just makes your eyelashes look wet.

This was an awful post. Oh well! Cherry blossoms too come!!!


Mitchie said...

haha where's the NUTELLA?!

Hanna said...

Oh no! OMG (cries)

Mitchie said...

*runs to World Market*
Me got the nutella!!!

Hanna said...

:))) (chins)