Spring? yayayaayyayyyyay

                                                     An iphone!! (not to brag at all or nothing...)
                 It takes better pictures than my actual camera. Which almost seems ironic.
Also I finished making this dress finally. I actually wanted it to look the way it does - like I piled a bunch of stuff together and made a dress. Yayz1!1
                                                   Anyways, It's spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ohmy. FACE.
This is the average look of my face. Which is contemplating eating.
                                                             Gota love iphoto editing....
                                So yet again I've been creeping on my neighbors back yard. Oh well.
Such a camera ho.
                                     Somewhat awkward picture. All I want was a picture of the back..
                                                              Happy weekend!!!!


Emma said...

YAAAY! :D Your tights are awesome!!
And thanks! <3

Melwa said...

Wonderful photos!