WARNING: I had a LOT of fun making this post. I'm not sure anyone else will like it....

You are all invited to: My Wedding Sometime In The Future
I'll wear the swimsuit under the dress incase there's a wedding sabotage and I have to jump off the nearby cliff to escape into the nearby ocean. Ovi.
The ring.
I'll act more classy then these two ladies combined. (I know you think that's impossible but just you wait!)

                                                   81% of the guests will be white tigers.
                                       All of the flowers will have fresh snow on top of them.
               The flower girl will be this bunny and the priest will be Hayao Miyazaki. I'll probably start crying because he's there and making awkward bows and saying, "ArigotoOMGhahaaa(cries)ahahhah." Oh well, it can't be helped.

Reception food!
                                                                        Cake topper?
There will be greek dancing circles.

I can't decide who will play music.

Spice Girls or

The New Pornographers.

                                         I was thinking i would go back in time and marry Merlin.
                                             Our children would probably look like this.




Genevieve said...

That looks really fun! Love the part about the white tigers!

Emily Anne said...

aw this post was such fun and lighthearted! I love it!

Sara and Emma said...

Seems like the perfect wedding! Lovely post<3

Fashion is me said...

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