So, I was exploring the wondrous depths of polyvore and pbskids and found these little jems.

I love how Binky's collection has high heels.

Crazy bus is the worst song from my childhood.

Such a classic old lady.

Martha Stewart!
The perfect dog!
Of course he wants to win Jeopardy.
I'm in love with Buster!
My bangs are kind of already like D.w.'s. It was fun to color it anyways.
DON'T PANIC, it comes with directions.
P.s. They are rather bad directions. At least for people above the age of 5.


Emily Anne said...

i LOVE this post. i love arthur! i used to watch it allllll the time! this is so creative, and i love the looks! great great post!

Hanna said...

Wow, thanks!

Sofi Stellar said...

OMG, this is adorable!! What a cool idea!! I love the inspiration. I used to watch Arthur all the time!

Daisy said...

These are fab !

chuck n. said...

arthur was such as amazing show!